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Education has been an inseparable element of missionary activity around the world. Education helps people to read and write which in turn enables them to read the Bible. And this method has been used as the primary channel of sreaping the Gosple over the years. It also helps one to be deep rooted in the Word  of God.This knowlege motivated Dr. Vijai Lall to start the very first venture of MICM,  The Nav Jagriti Higer Secondary School . 'Nav Jagriti' literally means “New Awakening”.

Started with just  seventeen children and one teacher in 1969, Today it has approximatly 2000 children and employs 85 teachers. The children come from the diverse religion and cultural background including Hinduism, Jainism, Islam, Sikhism etc. Only 4% come from Christian background .Besides the regular academic teaching they all are taught about that one God is the maker of the universe and who sent His Son Lord Jesus Christ to save them and us.

The Nav Jagriti Higer Secondary School is recognized by the government of india and follows the state syllabus. Children can start  from Kindergarden and study up to Higer Secondary which is recognized by all the Indian Universities. It is ever growing and requires more space and building to accommadate the growing number of the children. Kindly uphold this project in the prayers.

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